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The STAND Foundation

The STAND foundation was founded in 2008 to make a difference in young people’s lives by giving them financial assistance to access education and skills training.

Since 2008, STAND has raised $935,000 and distributed over $450,000 in pre-employment certificates and scholarships to 950 students in the Greater Vancouver area. Thanks to partnerships with the Vancouver, Surrey and New Westminster School Boards, they have helped youth facing financial and social challenges by giving them an opportunity to acquire new skills, get an entry level job and start earning a living.

A significant portion of donations received have been placed into an endowment fund with the Vancouver Foundation which has now grown to over $800,000. This endowment fund allows STAND to distribute a minimum of $40,000 annually in certificates to approximately 250 students. With little to no overhead over 95% of the funds raised go towards funding vocational skills training programs targeting those in need.

Visit their website here:

Check out this video that discusses the impact of their certificate program that benefits vulnerable youth in the Greater Vancouver area below.

How To Donate
  • Click here and you will be taken to the donation page in a new tab where you will see the ‘Donate Now’.
  • Choose your donation amount and frequency.
  • Select the ‘Please make this gift in honor of or in memory of’ checkbox.
  • Enter the desired contact information.
  • Enter ‘Segev LLP’ in the ‘Tribute’ message field. This enables STAND to keep record of contributions that are a part of this initiative.
  • Finalize your donation by choosing to complete as ‘An Individual’ or ‘My Company’. Fill out the form and complete by clicking ‘Donate Now’.

Segev LLP will be matching 25% of all donations up to a total of $10,000.00.

The STAND Foundation is administered by the Vancouver Foundation which is a Registered Charity with Charitable Registration No. 11928 1640 RR0001