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Gaming & Gambling

Segev LLP employs a strong gaming and betting team with corporate, commercial, IP commercialization, M&A, private equity finance, public markets finance, privacy and data, and regulatory and compliance experience. Additionally, our senior attorneys have a combined total of more than 40 years in the industry and bolster our reputation as the pre-eminent single access point for Canada- and US-facing gambling operators’ legal requirements.

As part of enhancing our gaming and betting offering, we also have a Securities division that handles IPO and RTO work on Canadian capital markets. The Securities division helps clients interested in raising capital through public listings on Canadian Securities Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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Company formation and structuring

Development, licensing, sales and other commercial IP transactions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (JV), and partnerships

Privacy and data law

Web and app terms and other agreements

Licensing Agreements

Advertising and affiliate marketing law

Private corporate finance

Public finance or securities law

Corporate governance advice, shareholders’ agreements, and shareholder disputes

Employment law / stock incentive compensation plans (ESOP)

International corporate organization structuring

Regulatory compliance and government licensing

Due diligence

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What we do

Our experienced gaming and betting team are ready to tackle any challenges in this space. We have been at the forefront of gaming and betting since 1997 and have built a dedicated legal team who are recognized as innovative leaders in this dynamic industry. With experience working alongside major operators, platforms, publishers, marketers, payment processors, crypto companies, finance teams, regulators, and industry leaders, Segev LLP is equipped to advise and assist our clients with their ventures.

“Ron Segev and his team have completely transformed my perception of a law firm and for the better. His firm fulfills the long overdue need for a legal team that is nimble, innovative, personable, creative, affordable and determined to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with implementing their business strategy.


They are transparent and trustworthy. They help provide original yet practical solutions, think outside the box and display a genuine passion for their work above and beyond the status quo.


They make all clients feel important – no matter how small the operation is. I have worked with legal professionals in countries worldwide and have yet to come across a comparable firm. Ron Segev is a refreshing example of a lawyer who enhances his clients’ businesses models and provides significant value rather than simply racking up billable hours.


I believe that Ron Segev’s concept is an optimal example for other firms to strive for to meet the needs of a growing entrepreneurial clientele in today’s digital age.”

Orbis Relocation, LLC

“Segev LLP (with offices in the USA and Vancouver, BC) is a highly rated British Columbia boutique specializing in gaming and betting. The firm is respected for its handling of corporate and securities matters on behalf of interests in the gaming and betting and e-sports spaces. The lawyers also provide notable services in relation to regulatory clearance and licensing agreements.”

Chambers and Partners

Key Contacts Gaming & Gambling 

Key Contacts Gaming & Gambling 

Key Contacts Gaming & Gambling 

Founding Partner

Ron Segev*

+1 604 629 5402

*Providing legal services on behalf of R. Segev Law Corporation

Managing Partner

Alon Segev*

+1 604 629 5406

*Providing legal services on behalf of A. Segev Law Corporation


Marius Adomnica

+1 604 629 5405

US Special Counsel

Mark Balestra

+1 604 629 5400


Negin Alavi

+1 604 629 5400 ext. 223


David McHugh

+1 604 629 5401


Stefan Kruse

+1 604 283 9808


Aadam Tejpar*

+1 778 960 2035

*Providing legal services on behalf of A. Tejpar Law Corporation

Of Counsel

Evie Sheppard

+1 604 629 5407


Taylor Keene

+1 604 283 9829


Owen de Vries*

+1 604 629 5404

*Providing legal services on behalf of Owen de Vries Law Corporation

Associate Counsel

Hiram Ng*

+1 604 449 1460

*Providing legal services on behalf of Hiram Ng Law Corporation


Manav Bhargava

+1 613 503 0909


Andrew Ng

+1 604 629 5400 ext. 228


Tracy Tall

+1 604 674 5400 ext 215


Rebecca Dales

+1 604 629 5400 ext 206