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Estate Planning

Proper estate planning and administration is vital to ensure the orderly and tax efficient succession of family assets and businesses. The adverse consequences of poor estate planning can be crippling to families. Increasing concern for privacy, consent, and self-determinations have also shown the importance of personal planning strategies to deal with incapacity and end-of-life care. Planning for these events sooner than later is important, as life has its twists and turns.

Estate administration and/or probate fees can also be budgeted and accounted for ahead of time, and not imposed at an unfavourable time in our lives. In addition, prudent planning can enhance asset preservation for your beneficiaries.

Personal tragedies are unplanned and therefore prudence in establishing powers of attorney and representation agreements will alleviate the additional stress related to asset oversight and end-of-life decisions.

Using a lawyer for your estate planning in British Columbia ensures that your wishes are legally sound, minimizes potential disputes, and navigates complex provincial regulations, providing you with peace of mind and a secure legacy for your loved ones.

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What we do

Our lawyers have experience in estate planning law from simple estate plans to complex corporate organizations. We can provide advice on personal tax, estate planning, estate administration, trusts and wills.
We can also assist with personal planning arrangements for while you are alive. Using a power of attorney or representation agreement to grant someone the legal authority to provide assistance in case of illness, injury or disability can ensure you maintain control over your healthcare, personal care, legal and financial affairs in the event you become unable to make such decisions yourself.
These tools can also help ease the burden of your incapacity on your family and friends, help you voice your wishes for your end-of-life care, and minimize government involvement in your personal affairs.

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Key Contacts Estate Planning  

Key Contacts Estate Planning  


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