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Available Positions
Good people are hard to find.
What are we looking for? Brains and the right attitude.
This sums up our work culture:
We pride ourselves in creative, out of the box thinking.
We take pride in scoring wins for our clients.
We conduct ourselves with integrity.
We treat our clients and our teammates with respect.
We sincerely encourage our team to have a healthy life outside of law.

A defining set of values

We foster a culture which supports our people to be the best version of themselves. This makes for a happier and stronger team. Our team lives by the following values.


We respect everyone on our team equally, regardless of role.


We are building a real community – inside and outside of our firm.
We pay it forward. We contribute time to each other, promote each other and tear down walls. We celebrate individual wins and team successes, and we make time to connect away from our desks.


We are driven by our aim to be helpful. We get to know our clients well enough to be able to anticipate challenges and identify opportunities. This pushes us to speak the same language as our clients and pursue excellence in our work. It also pushes us to think beyond law – to find creative ways to assist.


We don’t settle for where we’re at. We are ambitious. We are eager to learn new things. We understand that each individual’s growth boosts our community’s growth. In this, we recognize and support the fact that growth takes shape in different ways for everyone. So we help our people identify their goals and find opportunities to accomplish them.


We prioritize life. We don’t just recognize our lives outside of work, we encourage them. We want everyone to spend time with family and friends; to get outside; to be healthy. We encourage creative pursuits and ventures. We love our work, but we love other things too.

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A place to grow and realize your potential.

You’ll be working on every type of file that comes through the door. You’ll be researching leading edge issues, drafting and reviewing contracts and handling anything else that may come up on our files. You’ll get to work with varied clients, ranging from international esports companies and cutting edge blockchain ventures, to conventional operating businesses based in the Lower Mainland.

We practice law in a different way. It’s more creative, it’s more practical, it’s more entrepreneurial and it’s value focused.

“Articling students here are exposed to both cutting edge, emerging areas of law and solid, traditional legal practice areas. Students get to do a wide range of legal work, and they get to learn from those who do their jobs extremely well. Students are treated with respect, and their time and efforts are valued. They are treated like an equal by everyone, including the firm’s partners.”

- Negin Alavi, Lawyer

“I was drawn to Segev LLP because it was apparent, beginning with the application process, that it was a firm that was consciously trying to do things differently. As an articling student, I was exposed to high-level, stimulating work, without the restrictive formalities, hierarchal structure, or culture of overwork that mark many other leading business law firms. Instead, I was able to enjoy true collegiality, a casual atmosphere, flexibility, and mentorship from all the senior lawyers at the firm. My integration into, and responsibility on, files was gradually increased throughout my articles, which allowed me to feel more confident when I was finally called to the bar. The decision to stay with the firm as a lawyer following my articles was a no brainer, and I’m honoured to now be part of a great team!”

- Taylor Keene, Lawyer

“During my time at Segev LLP, I learned from those who possess the experience to support and mentor during a foundational time of my career. Students are expected to deliver legal research, offer support during client meetings, prepare first drafts of various agreements, and will complete their articles equipped to enter the legal practice. At Segev, I have felt fully embraced as a member of the team.”

- Rebecca Dales, Lawyer

“Segev LLP provides an excellent learning environment for students. Students are given access to a wealth of support from the lawyers and staff. The team is easy to get along with and the firm emphasizes a healthy work-life balance.”

- Tracy Tall, Lawyer