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Business Law

At Segev LLP, we specialize in solutions. Our business lawyers are experts at solving problems and providing guidance to ensure clients achieve both their business and financial goals.  We do more than simply provide legal advice – we work with you as partners to help your business adapt and move forward.

Our clients include public and private companies, start ups and established brands, and businesses operating locally, nationally, and internationally. We also work with non-profit and charitable organizations.

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How We Can Help You

Corporate Law, including incorporations, corporate governance compliance, advising on initial corporate structuring, drafting shareholder agreements, and capital reorganizations and rollovers

Mergers & Acquisitions and other complex corporate transactions. We assist with researching, negotiating, structuring, and papering all forms of corporate and commercial transactions, including share purchases, asset purchases, mergers, and plans of arrangements

Corporate financing, including public and private equity financing, private placements, venture capital financing, and debt financing for all stages of companies

Commercial law, including structuring and negotiating domestic and cross-border commercial agreements,  such as service, supply, sale, licensing, leasing, distribution and manufacturing agreements, joint venture agreements and other strategic commercial arrangements

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Non-Profits, Societies, Charities and Social Ventures

Employment Law, including employment and consulting agreements, incentive programs, NDA and confidentiality agreements

Regulatory guidance and advice

What we do

Our corporate and commercial team advise clients on all aspects of business law across various sectors, from technology, gaming and other creative industries, to retail and hospitality, and a number of highly regulated industries such as cannabis, online trading and DLT.  With satellite offices in the U.S. and China, and an accomplished team with a diverse range of experience, Segev LLP is a local firm with global reach.

“Excellent law firm, highly recommended.”

Zac Dolesky

“We are writing to express our great appreciation for the wonderful work Segev LLP (Marius Adomnica and Alon Segev) have done for us and our business! We still can’t believe the outcome they helped us achieve that enables us to continue grow our business.


We are very thankful to you for your patience, attention, professionalism and dedication to support us and our business! Their outstanding skills to communicate with people and solve very difficult cases are very impressive.


This is the third case that they helped us with, and we are very happy to have Segev LLP as our lawyers. Thank you very much again for everything!”

Graham Montessori

Key Contacts Business Law 

Key Contacts Business Law 

Key Contacts Business Law 

Founding Partner

Ron Segev*

+1 604 629 5402

*Providing legal services on behalf of R. Segev Law Corporation

Managing Partner

Alon Segev*

+1 604 629 5406

*Providing legal services on behalf of A. Segev Law Corporation


Marius Adomnica

+1 604 629 5405

US Special Counsel

Mark Balestra

+1 604 629 5400


Aadam Tejpar*

+1 778 960 2035

*Providing legal services on behalf of A. Tejpar Law Corporation

Of Counsel

Evie Sheppard

+1 604 629 5407


Owen de Vries*

+1 604 629 5404

*Providing legal services on behalf of Owen de Vries Law Corporation

Special Counsel

Leo Chen

+1 604 629 5400

Associate Counsel

Hiram Ng

+1 604 449 1460

*Providing legal services on behalf of Hiram Ng Law Corporation


Ardeshir Darabi

+1 604 283 7683


Brian Man

+1 604 283 8952


Daleep Aujlay

+1 604 629 5403

*Providing legal services on behalf of Aujlay Law Corporation


David McHugh

+1 604 629 5401


Kobi Dorenbush

+1 647 400 9609


Taylor Keene

+1 604 283 9829


Stefan Kruse

+1 604 283 9808


Negin Alavi

+1 604 629 5400 ext. 223

Special Counsel

Greg McMullen

+1 604 283 9831


Andrew Ng

+1 604 629 5400 ext 228


Rebecca Dales

+1 604 629 5400 ext. 206


Tracy Tall

+1 604 674 5400 ext 215


Manav Bhargava

+1 613 503 0909